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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Tree Safety Checklist

Having Christmas tree is really important during the Christmas holidays...Seeing it makes us feel so good and it reminds us that Christmas is already approaching...but sometimes the lights in the Christmas trees cause fire and to make our Holiday a safe and happy one,here are some Christmas tree or other electrical decorations tips:

1.) To prevent the tree from dying out,keep it in a stand that can hold water...Check the water level every other day...

2.) Burning candles on the tree is a fire hazard...

3.) Use UL approved extension cords and lights.

4.) To prevent electrical problems,look for frayed cords and do not overload electrical outlets or extension cords...

5.) Remember to turn out the lights when you are not at home or before going to bed...

Prevention is better than cure...We do not want to get ourselves hurt or our family,right?so,let us all be vigilant about fire prevention...Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!!!

1 comment:

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