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Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Son Got Bald...

My son used to always have long hair but today he went bald...My husband and I were trying to trim his hair but then I was wondering how my son would look like with no hair,I told my husband I want to try it because my son never experienced it before,we always gave him an inch to two inches of haircut or just trim it...I always see some kids with no hair and they look so cute...and I think having shorter hair or no hair at all make kids feel fresh always...At first my husband said no but I won hahaha :-) Well,after we cut my son's hair,my son was staring at the mirror and he was trying to pull some hair but there was nothing to pull...I guess he felt weird having no hair because he got used to having a lot of hair...My husband and I were just looking at him and laughing because my son keeps looking at the mirror and checking his head,I guess he was wondering where did his hair go or what happened to his hair...My husband and I do my son's hair because he do not like anybody touching his hair...I like my son's haircut now,he got bald but geesh he looks so cute,he really looks like a little kid hehehe :-) I know his hair will grow soon,they grow so fast!!!and next time we will try to give him a different haircut...well,I know no matter what kind of haircut he will have,he will always be the cutest kid in my eyes,but of course he is my son,I do not care what other people will say or think...Well,again thanks for dropping by!!!Take Care!!!

1 comment:

JAZEVOX said...

i did that to my husband one time too, he actually asked me to shave his head, i was very hesitant but at the end of the day, he got bald that day