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Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Son has Flu

Good Morning bloggers!!!well,I am up so early today and went to sleep late last night...My son has flu,poor baby!He's not the same since yesterday that's why I know he is sick...I guess it is because of the weather here,it's cold today and yesterday while 2 days ago it was on 70's...I could not sleep well last night because I can hear my son's breathing and I know he is not feeling well,he kept waking up and crying because it was hard from him to breath since he got a congested nose...My husband gave him medicine and I kept putting vicks on his back,chest and nose and that helped him a lot...He wake up so early this morning and when I touched him he was hot so I gave him medicine before his fever get worse...he was already feeling a little bit better after I gave him his medicine,he just stayed in bed and watch some cartoons which made him smile...Right now I am making soup (tinolang manok) for him,he did not drink his milk since last night and did not even ate his cereals earlier either,so I am hoping he would eat rice with soup even just a little bit,I know his taste is not good right now,that is what happen when we have cough or cold,right?we lose our taste...well,until here for now,I gotta take good care of my son first!Thanks for dropping by and have a good day y'all!


Rickavieves said...

Hi gwafs Justine, parehas man diay ta ani mga anak nato gihilantan, nah akoa baby gahapon nag pabakona man 2 legs gi injectionan unya gabii pod dayon gihilantan,,hayy looy ako baby cge hilak gabii kay gisakita jud ug au sa iyaa legs ba, wla jud ko naanad na kusog iyaa hilak kay dli man para hilak gud ning baby ha. maayo na lang kron pag mata namo sa buntag oi wla na kaayo mihilak pero naa ghapon hilanat, hayy wla jud ko katulog gabii kay cge man sya kamata kay sakit lagi inig lihok nya..moigting man sya sa kasakit :(( cge oi taas kaayo akoa sulat hahaha mura na ni sya ug email LOLs...

btaw naa koy tag nimo didto sa new nako nga payag diria click na lang,,, Everything is Simply Amazing

ingatss...have a nice day!

gen2507 said...

Dai Gwaps, I hope ur son will get well soon, intawon kalooy intawon pud. Intawon masakitan man akoang kasing2x basta baby na magsakit pud intawon kay looy man gud oi.:)U take care:)

Maria Justine said...

thanks gen and ricks!!!mao lagi oi kay makasakit sa dughan kung pwede lang lagi ako na lang magdala sa iyang sakit...salamat jud sa concern...Ricks,unta maau na pud imo anak I know how it feels oi makita imo anak may sakit,lisod jud kaau!God Bless!