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Monday, December 10, 2007

United Express First Class Experienced

Good Morning my beloved Readers!!!I am back home now and it feels so right to be home,home sweet home...My son and I arrived yesterday at 11:20 in the morning at Austin Airport...We left O'hare's International Airport at around 8:30 in the morning...I am so happy because we got the first class flight through United Airlines from Chicago to Texas,it was my first time to fly first class,thanks to my Aunt!It was so great because the seat was bigger,we had our own pillows and blankets,the breakfast was so good,the flight attendants were so nice,it was just so comfortable...There were only be six people that flew in the first class and my son and I were the two of those six,lucky us!We flew with United Airline's Express,the airplane was not so big,but I guess it was just normal because it was just a domestic flight...The entire flight was so nice and so comfortable,my son and I were just sleeping the whole time...I was just so excited when we landed because finally I am going to see my husband,I missed him so bad...When we took off the airplane,again,I was having a hard time,taking all the hand-carry and stuff,an old lady volunteered to help me,thank God for sending me some nice people!As we were waiting in the hallway to get my son's stroller I called my husband and told him we already landed,he said he will be in the Airport in 10 minutes...I went to take our baggages and waited for him there...after few minutes of waiting I saw my husband walking towards us with a very big smile,we gave each other a hug and of course a kiss!then I told him to wait and stay with our son because I needed to use to comfort room...When we went outside,geesh it was so hot,my son and I were still wearing jackets because in Chicago it was really freezing and when we got here in Texas it was so hot,so my son and I took off our jackets...While we were on the car,I asked my husband if he wanted to stay in Austin for awhile or we would just go home straight,I told him I was really tired since I did not get any sleep the night before we left,he told me we would just go home straight but he said he was really hungry,so we just dropped by McDonald's to grab something to eat...I fell asleep on our way home and also my son...When we got home I went straight to bed to take a nap because I was not really feeling well,my husband went out to get something to eat and my son just watched his cartoons...After eating I went back to sleep again and woke up this morning...I was not really feeling well but I am a little bit better now...The flight yesterday was really great,I hope I could fly first class again hehehe :-) many thanks to my Aunt and all the crew of United Airlines,they were so nice and accommodating to us!!!

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