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Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Successful Birthday Party...

It was my Uncle's Natal Day Tuesday,December 4 but we celebrated his birthday party yesterday night...My Aunt and Uncle decided to just celebrate it yesterday since it was Friday,everybody does not have to work the following night...We woke up early in the morning to clean the house and cook some food but most of the food last night was catered by Filipino Restaurants here in Chicago...The food was so great,everybody loved it even some foreigner friends...There was a lot of filipino foof like chicken and pork adobo,beef caldereta,sisig,pancit,egg rolls,kare-kare,pinakbet,a very good macaroni soup made by my Aunt,fruit salad,kuchinta,leche flan,seafoods,cake and so many more that I can't remember hahaha :-) but of course lechon is Aunt's foriegner friends loved the pancit malabon,lechon (roasted pig) and the kinilaw made by my Uncle...There were so many food,it was like you are in a buffet restaurant,you can eat all you can and drink all you can...The party was a lot of fun,I felt like I was just in the Philippines,friends and relatives came,we all had our own group doing our own stuff....My Aunt and her friends were having so much fun doing karaoke,My Uncle and his cousins and sisters were playing mahjong,while me and my cousin's cousins played cards...It was a successful and a great party,everybody got full and was able to bring home some food...It was snowing and was very cold but that did not stop us to have a party and have had some fun...Well,this is it for now folks,My cousin,son and I are going to the mall and then start packing my stuff when we get back...My son and I are going back home to Texas tomorrow...I am so excited to see my husband because I am missing him so badly and I am sure he misses us,too!!!but a little part of me is kinda sad because I know I am going to miss my family here in Chicago...

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