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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Loving the Candles...

A night before I left Chicago,my cousin and I went to the mall...We were just strolling around,looking and checking some stuff when I saw this stall selling candles...I told my cousin that I wanna check it out and she said sure...When we were near the candle store,I saw different kinds of candles,each has it's own smell,size,colors and shapes...I was really amazed...I bought two candles with different colors,smells but both have the same design,there are seashells on it,I like it because it is like a little ocean in a small crystal jar...I really love going to the beach so when I saw those candles I fell in love with it because it reminds me of the beach...When I was in the Philippines,I was collecting some candles but I had to leave it there when I left for the States...I love it because it is so relaxing when you smell its scents..Candles has so many functions...scented candles help eliminates bad odor of the house cause of cooking etc.,it is also nice for decoration,it also is so romantic having dinner with candles all around,taking a bath with candles is so relaxing,too!When I got home I showed the candles I bought to my husband and he said they are really cute and smells so good...I am so happy he likes it,too!


JAZEVOX said...

they look nice, reminds me of snow globes

gen2507 said...

Nice candles, give one for me haha lol

Justine said...

thanks you girls for the comment...I know it's really nice that's why I bought it...looks cute,right?:-)