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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Packin' and Gettin' Ready for my trip...

My son and I are leaving for Chicago,Illinois tomorrow at 6:30am...We are going to visit my family over there...I am excited because I am going to see my family again and we can get out from Texas even for just a week,but I am kinda sad,too!because my husband can't go with us,he got to work...My aunt said it was snowing there today and maybe it would snow tomorrow,too!I am excited because I can touch the snow now and see it for real,I only have seen snow in the movies,so I am thrilled just thinking about it,I am sure I will be like a kid playing in the snow hehehe :-) My cousin said it is really cold there now,I know it is because it is already cold here in Texas now,too!and the fact that Chicago is the windy city,I am sure it is really freezing out there now...Well,my husband has started packing my son's clothes already while I'm blogging...after I am done here I am going to start packing my own stuff,too!I got to say buh-bye for now,I gotta pack and I still have to do my nails...It's gonna be an exciting day tomorrow and tiring too,i guess...At 3 to 4 in the morning,we are going to drive to Austin Airport,which is an hour and some minutes drive from Killeen and then from Austin,we are going to fly to Chicago,if our flight will not be delayed,we will be arriving there at 9:30 in the morning...Well,I guess I will just see you all here when I am in the windy city...Take Care Y'all...mwah!:-)

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