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Friday, November 30, 2007

Handy First Aid Tips...

I was washing dishes one morning and something bad happen...I was washing a coffee mug when it suddenly got broken into pieces and accidentally cut my fingers...I got so scared when I saw my hand bleeding,I did not know what to do,so I called my husband and I was really crying,I know it's so weak of me but I could not help myself but cry when I saw the blood dripping,I got really scared...My husband was at work but he told he would come home...While talking to him on the telephone,he told me to wash my hand and clean the wounds by using hydrogen peroxide, and put a band-aid...He also told me to keep my arm high so my wound will stop bleeding...I did what he said and by the time he got home,I was already okay although it was still hurting but I was fine already...It took days before it got healed and until now I still have the scars...I am about to share to you some handy first aid tips...When someone is injured or suddenly becomes ill,there is usually a critical period before you can get medical treatment.What you do,or what you don't do,in that interval can mean the difference between life and death....So,here are some list of what you should include in your first aid kit,having these supplies on hand makes life less stressful when accidents do occur...Rolls of gauze bandages,Sterile gauze pads,Cotton,small bottle of aspirin and acetaminophen,thermometer,hydrogen peroxide,cotton tipped swabs,elastic bandages and scissors.I hope what I shared today can help you all...Thanks for dropping by...God Bless Us All Always!!!


JAZEVOX said...

great tips

i honestly cant stare at the photo you posted with those bloody hand..

Maria Justine said...

I know it's kinda yucky and I'm scared of blood,too!!!

Anna said...

gosh waffa if that was me, I would cry too. I cut my hand 2 years ago ang i end-up have 23 stitched in my hand. I can see the bone hehehehhehe. I don't like blood and needle grrrrrrrr....I hope your ok now waffa.

GustoAds said...

It so sad. Hope your ok.