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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Arrived Safely,thank God!

Today was a tiring,exciting and freezing day...I was awake the whole night last night,packing my stuff...After my husband packed my son's things,he went to take a nap because he will be driving from Killeen to Austin...I tried to sleep but I couldn't,I guess I was too excited for the 2 in the morning I heard the alarm clock,so I started getting ready,I took a shower and got dressed and then checked our stuff if we have everything packed.I woke up my husband and son at 3 in the morning,after they got dressed,we already headed out for Austin...After an hour of driving,we already found ourselves in the city of Austin...We went to McDonald to grab some coffee and asked if they know where the airport was,and they just said NO,geesh my husband and I were surprised that they does not know where the Airport is when they actually live in Austin,I guess people do not know all that much...We were just following the signs and finally found the Airport...We went to United's place and checked in,we arrived there at 6 in the morning and the flight was 6:30am,I checked in our baggage and then went through security and went to check-in area 21...It was already boarding when we got there,I am so glad we just made on time...When we were boarding I was having difficulty on carrying our stuff,I was carrying my son,the folded stroller and a hand carry bag,thank God for this nice young pretty girl who asked me if I needed help,I said yes immediately and she carried the stroller all the way to the entrance of the plane...It was a nice flight,not too much turbulence...I was so happy because my son was just sleeping the whole time of our flight...I was looking at the window and it was really great,it was so early so I saw the sun rising,it feels good seeing that and I was really amazed with God's creation...Up there all you could see is the clouds,sky and the sun,the color was so nice,it was a mix of orange and yellow...After 30 minutes,the flight attendants were already offering beverages...after I had my pretzels and orange juice,I went to sleep...When I woke up we already landed at O'hare International Airport...We were 30-35 minutes early and by the time,we got to Chicago,it was really freezing,there are snow but it's already melting...We took our baggage and waited for my uncle and cousin to picked us up...It started raining on our way home and then when we got home we just changed clothes and headed to this restaurant called Royal Buffet for lunch...We were so full,the food there was so good...After having lunch we decided to just go home instead of going somewhere,my son fell asleep while driving back home...when we arrived home we went to take a nap immediately,we were already full,tired and yeah,it's cold!Well,we are here in the windy city now...We got here early,we had a nice and safe flight,the United Airline Flight Attendants were really so nice...well,I am going to have to let y'all go now,I need to call my husband and see what he is doing...thanks for visiting!mwahh :*

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