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Sunday, November 25, 2007

What A Day...

I woke up early today even though I went to sleep late last night...My son is sick and he don't wanna be left alone,I really feel sorry for him and I really feel bad because I know he's in pain or something but I can't do anything except to be there for him,how I wish I could take his pain...It was still raining today and it was cold,too!In the afternoon we washed clothes but then me and my son ended up going home early and let my hubby finished washing clothes because my son was so sleepy...After putting him to sleep I started cooking food for dinner...I cooked sinigang (filipino soup dish) and fried some lumpia shanghai...My son kept waking up while I was cooking,so I ended up carrying him while cooking and geesh he's really heavy...When my hubby came home I already finished cooking and just getting the table ready for us to eat...I fed my son first and gave him his medicine and then me and hubby had our dinner afterwards...I already put my son to sleep and hoping he'd feel better tomorrow...Well,I have some clothes to fold right,I guess I have to say buh-bye for now and see y'all later....ciao!:-)

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