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Monday, November 26, 2007

Tribute To All Unborn Children...

A friend of mine sent me this e-mail....I was not really in the mood of reading long e-mails but then I got curious about the title "Tribute to all unborn children..."I decided to read it because I wanted to know what it's all about...As soon as I started reading it,I was already getting chills...with out me noticing my husband we're looking at me while I was reading it and suddenly he asked me why we're my tears falling,he asked me if there we're something wrong...I said nothing...I can't really help myself to be sad and cry because reading the e-mail made me so sad and I felt that my heart got broke into's the e-mail I am talking about...

Dear Mommy,

I am in Heaven now, sitting on Jesus' lap.

He loves me and cries with me; for my heart has
been broken.

I so wanted to be your little girl. I don't quite
understand what has happened.

I was so excited when I began realizing my

I was in a dark, yet comfortable place. I saw I had
fingers and toes.

I was pretty far along in my developing, yet not
near ready to leave my surroundings.

I spent most of my time thinking or sleeping.

Even from my earliest days, I felt a special bonding
between you and me.

Sometimes I heard you crying and I cried with you.
Sometimes you would yell or scream, then cry.

I heard Daddy yelling back.

I was sad, and hoped you would be better soon.

I wondered why you cried so much. One day you
cried almost all of the day.

I hurt for you. I couldn't imagine why you were so

That same day, the most horrible thing happened.

A very mean monster came into that warm,
comfortable place I was in.

I was so scared, I began screaming, but you never
once tried to help me.

Maybe you never heard me.

The monster got closer and closer as I was
screaming and screaming,

"Mommy, Mommy, help me please; Mommy, help

Complete terror is all I felt.

I screamed and screamed until I thought I couldn't

Then the monster started ripping my arms off.

It hurt so bad; the pain I can never explain.

It didn't stop. Oh, how I begged it to stop.

I screamed in horror as it ripped my leg off.

Though I was in such complete pain, I was dying.

I knew I would never see your face or hear you say
how much you love me.

I wanted to make all your tears go away.

I had so many plans to make you happy.

Now I couldn't; all my dreams were shattered.

Though I was in utter pain and horror, I felt the pain
of my heart breaking, above all.

I wanted more than anything to be your daughter.

No use now, for I was dying a painful death.

I could only imagine the terrible things that they
had done to you.

I wanted to tell you that I love you before I was
gone, but I didn't know the words you could

And soon, I no longer had the breath to say them; I
was dead.

I felt myself rising. I was being carried by a huge
angel into a big beautiful place.

I was still crying, but the physical pain was gone.

The angel took me to Jesus and set me on His

He said He loved me, and He was my Father. Then
I was happy. I asked Him what the thing was that
killed me. He answered, "Abortion.

I am sorry, my child; for I know how it feels."

I don't know what abortion is;

I guess that's the name of the monster.

I'm writing to say that I love you and to tell you how
much I wanted to be your little girl.

I tried very hard to live.

I wanted to live. I had the will, but I couldn't; the
monster was too powerful.

It sucked my arms and legs off and finally got all of
me. It was impossible to live.

I just wanted you to know I tried to stay with you.
I didn't want to die.

Also, Mommy, please watch out for that abortion

Mommy, I love you and I would hate for you to go
through the kind of pain I did.

Please be careful.

Your Baby Girl

Isn't it so sad...???I don't understand why there are some people who are doing abortion or engaging into it...Why can't some people think about the consequences before doing things they can't be responsible of or handle afterwards...Babies are angel...Nobody has the right to kill somebody especially a baby that can't even fight for it's own life...I hope this e-mail that I've shared can be a help to those people who wanna do it or even just thinking of doing it...Thanks for reading...See Y'all next time....adios!

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