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Monday, November 26, 2007

Military Wife

Being a military wife is really hard...There isn't a moment that I don't worry or think about my hubby's life or safety especially when he was deployed in Iraq/Kuwait...He told me not to worry because he can take good care of himself but I really can't help worrying about him no matter what he tells me or no matter what I think...Sometimes I just think of happy thoughts etc. but it never helps...I used to think that it would be so cool being married to a military guy and since I love men in uniform,I really wanted to be with one...but now that I am married to one,I am not loving the life of it...I love my hubby so much that I don't wanna lose him or even knowing he's hurt or something...on the other side though,I am so proud of my soldier because I know he's fighting for his country...I know I have to be strong not only for myself but also for my son...My hubby said he likes being in the military,he wants to fight for his countrymen...and because he said that I am going to support him all the way no matter what others may say...and all I can say is that it takes a strong woman to love a military man...You gotta be tough...I am always Praying to God that He would protect my hubby always...God Bless Our Troops and Their Loved Ones....

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