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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weather got me...

Wew,the weather really got me and my son...My son has been sick for days now and yesterday it got me,too!My family and I met with my new found friends here in Killeen had lunch at Ate Loren's house,and then after that I went to my medical appointment and went back to Ate Loren's house...We stayed there until 7 in the evening,I wasn't feeling good on our way home already and as soon as we got home,me and my son went to bed straight...At 1am I woke up because I felt so cold and my body was so warm,I can't stop coughing and I also got a runny nose...My husband woke up and gave me medicines,He went to the store to buy some medicine for my sore throat...After taking me medicines,I went back to sleep and woke up sweating which is good for my fever...In the morning my hubby woke me up and told me he needs to take our son to his medical appointment and because I got sick,I just stayed home and rest...I feel a lot better now after i threw up,my head feels so heavy but I feel more okay now than yesterday...My son is a lot better now,too!Flu is really a hit right now i guess it is because of the weather...If you're experiencing this too all you got to do is take a lot of rest,drink a lot of water and take vitamins to make your immune system stronger.Well,I guess this is it for now,I have to turn off the computer now before my hubby gets home,he told me to get some rest and no internet or facing the computer until I feel a whole lot better...Thanks for reading!!!:-)

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