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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tennis Tournament

Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy

My husband is obsessed with tennis and it seems like he cannot get enough of it. He plays tennis several nights a week and he seems to always be watching one of the big tournaments. I will watch a few of the matches of the big tournaments with him, but I usually get bored of them pretty quickly. Luckily, for him, we have wireless internet service Kansas City and he can watch all of the matches online. Most of the matches come on in the middle of the night here, so it helps that he is able to watch the replays online at his convenience. He says that I can watch whatever I want to on tv, as long as he can watch all of the tennis he wants to online. I think it sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Once the tennis tournament is over though, we will have to go back to taking turns watching our favorite shows on tv. Oh well! I am just glad that I can watch all of my shows for the next two weeks.

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