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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Parties

On Saturday,I woke up early and went to my friend's house to helped her cook food and prepare for her birthday party...I cooked mixed vegetables since she asked me to and made a dessert...On that day too I got a call from a friend online which I met from friendster,we never met in person yet and she wanted to meet up but I told her I was at my friend's house and it was her birthday...I asked my friend who was celebrating her birthday if it was okay for me to invite a friend and she said it was okay so they can meet her too!So Everly,the girl I met from friendster came and I introduced her to my other friends here in Killeen...We started eating at 7pm and geesh the food was really great...After eating my friends and I did Karaoke,we really had fun,the best part was that Everly had fun too!We went home so late but it was okay...My husband and I took Everly home since she do not know her way back home,she's new here in Killeen so she's not really familiar with the road etc. then we went back to Gina's house to help her clean up and then went home...

On Sunday,Everly called me up and said she wants to come to our houes,so I said it's okay...I called another girl I met on friendster that I haven't met in person yet,I asked her if she wanted to come to our house too!and she said it was okay and then I called my other friend Ria to come too!Ria,Everly and I met Chuchie for the first time...I asked them to have dinner here in the house so I cooked some food and then my husband bought some bush's chicken...Chuchie brought her magic sing so,after we ate we started singing...It's really great,we really had fun and finally it's great to meet Chuchie for the first time and Everly for the second time...They left around 9pm since Chuchie got to work early and Ria and Everly sons were already sleepy...

Well,I guess this is it for now...My husband and I are ready to watch a movie...Goodnight Y'All!!


idealpinkrose said...

enjoy watching the movie sis...seems like you had much fun last weekend..

btw, thanks for your vote..i appreciate it a lot!

from allinkorea

Marjie said...

ah....a new friend and a doesn't get better than that doesn't it? glad to know you guys had a blast.

it's great to see some fellow filipino blogs every now and then. give me a visit as well when you get a chance :)