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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My son's 2nd day home class

Today was my son's 2nd time for his home class...There is a program in the military which helps Parents with their kids by sending teachers to visit and teach military kids at home...My son is a part of that program and once or twice a month there will be a teacher that will visit our home to teach my son...They have so much activities such as baking,playing,reading,doing math,science etc. The activities made according to the kid's age and capability...Ms. Cassandra,my son's teacher is really great,she is so nice...Today was time for my son's screening,Ms. Cassandra is doing it to get an idea in where my son's skills stand...Every time she comes here,she will be introducing and teaching my son different stuff...My son did a great job today according to his teacher but we just have to work harder on his speech because he is almost 2 and half years old but he only knows little words,she said it is because my son's confused since we are talking to him in 3 languages...English,Filipino and Spanish...She said next time she'd come she would bring some flash cards to help him and stick to just one language until he can talk...According to her,if we just stick to one language my son will be so talkative in 3-6 months,so I guess we will stick with that and just talk to him in 2 other languages whenever he can really talk...My son understands the 3 languages but can't speak it yet...I hope he can talk soon because it worries me a lot...but I am really proud of my son today for the job well done :)

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