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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snowy Day...

This picture was taken outside my Aunt's house...I have always wanted to see a real snow,touch it,feel it or even taste it,I thought I could never experience all of that in real life but I did,thank God!I was really happy and excited when it started snowing,I was like a little kid playing outside even though it was really so cold,my son was enjoying it the first few minutes but after a while he started crying because the snow went inside his shoes,so my cousin took him inside the house while I stayed outside and took pictures... hehehe :-) Well,playing in the snow was really fun,it was really cold but I did not really care it was my first time to play in the snow and experience it,so I had to enjoy it...The snow looks so good on trees so I took some pictures...The house roofs,driveways and roads are filled with snows...Drivers really have to drive slow because the roads are wet and is really dangerous if you do not drive carefully...Well,until here for now I have to get ready for today's agenda..let us just all enjoy the snow and please be careful...happy snowy day to all!!!


gen2507 said...

nice! can I climb that tree? lol is this your house Justine?

Maria Justine said...

hahaha sureness!!!nope my Aunt's neighbor hahahaha :P