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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Tito Doodz!!!

My son and I slept the whole day today,we could not resist being sleepy because of the cold weather...It is the two of us only at home because my Aunt and Uncle went to work and my cousin went to school...Today,December 4,is my Uncle's Natal Day...but even though it is his birthday,he still went to work,I wanted to greet him when I wake up but then he has already left by the time me and my son woke up...After having brunch,I just decided to watch the filipino channel instead of surfing the net...I really am missing the Philippines so much and by watching the filipino channel,it makes me feel just being home watching regular tagalog shows...I am so happy to be watching the filipino channel since we do not have it in Killeen,Texas where I am residing with my husband and son...After watching my shows,my son and I took a nap again,we woke up around 4 in the Aunt called and told me to get ready because we will just dine out for my Tito Doodz birthday since his party will be held on Friday...We went to this nice restaurant here called TODAI,it is a Japanese Buffet's really great there,it is a nice place and they really have so much food to offer like seafoods,sushi,sashimi,chicken,beef,yummy desserts and so much more...when the waitress brought us our drinks,my Aunt told her that it is my Uncle's birthday,so she greeted him and my Uncle got shy and just said Thanks and yeah,he told her not to sing him a happy birthday song,he said he is too old for it...hahaha :-) but then before we were ready to leave the table,the waitresses came with a very cute small birthday cake and sang a happy birthday song to my Uncle,my Uncle got so shy but he could not stop smiling...I know he was really happy they did that even though he got really shy about what they did...After having dinner,my cousin,son and I went to Woodfield Mall just to stroll around while my Aunt and Uncle went home straight,they said they were tired from work...It is snowing today and it is really freezing wahhhh I took some pictures and I will share some to you all tomorrow...I am really cold and I am so ready to go to bed and hide under the bed covers...See Y'all tomorrow...Goodnight!!!

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