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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Soldier...My Hero...

The guy on the picture with me is none other than my best friend,my greatest confidant,my biggest fan,my soldier,my hero,my husband and of course the father of my son and of our future kids...I am really lucky and happy to have him in my life and I am very proud of course to have him as my husband...I do not know what to do if I will lose him,just thinking of losing him breaks my heart so bad...He is a good husband,a very good provider,very responsible and a very patient,sweet,thoughtful guy.He loves to eat and by looking at him while he is eating will make you want to eat,too!!!He got a great smile and a very loud laugh that will make you laugh,too!!!He loves to wrestle with our son although our son do not wanna wrestle with him sometimes because he is too busy watching his cartoons...hehehe :-) My husband is very good looking,I do not care what others would say or think about his physical appearance but for me is the best,he looks good and smells good...I do not see myself with somebody else besides my husband...He got all the qualities that a woman is looking for,he got the looks and the good traits...One of the things that I love about my husband is that he put his family first always,he would sacrifice his needs or wants to give me and my son what we need and want first...Our relationship is not perfect,we argue over stupid things and what I love about him is that he would come to me first and fix the problem,Pride has no room for him when it comes to our relationship or family but I know he takes Pride of what he has...My husband is in the Army and I really love it when he wears his uniform and it really turns me on because he just look so fine....a very macho man...with him,I feel so secure,wanted,loved and needed...I know as long as I am with him nothing bad is gonna happen to me or my son,I know he will not let anybody or anything to hurt us...Well,they said it takes a strong woman to love a military man..All I can say is that as long as I know my man is with me, love me,want me and need me,I will be fine...

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