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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Difference Between Men and Women In Relationship

Susan Sherwood, PhD, believes that there are ten particular areas within communication that men and women bear no resemblance and these are the following;

1. Nonverbal-Women are more demonstrative while men are more conservative.

2. Body orientation-Women appear more physically engaged, but appearances can be deceiving.

3. Arguments-Men are more direct and less concerned about feelings, while women often approach issues in a more circuitous fashion.

4. Apologies-Women apologize more, hoping to create or sustain connections. Men view apologies as a loss of face.

5. Compliments-Women use these as a way of connecting with others, while men are more likely to offer evaluations and advice.

6. Problem solving-Men prefer action and desire immediate results; women discuss problems and feelings, and look for common experiences to share with others.

7. Negotiation-Women prefer discussion, their goal being agreement. Men feel that this is manipulation. They are more direct and want speedy results.

8. Chatterbox-Surprisingly in the long run men and women talk about the same amount. The differences are in the subject and goals of the discussions. Women talk more to family and close friends, exchanging support and experiences, while men's goal is to exchange information whether at work or in formal or social situations.

9. Interrupting-Women interrupt to demonstrate concern. Men interrupt to try to control the conversation.

10. E-mail-Women send e-mail regarding relationships; men may be seeking information, influence and respect.

Women need to know that a absence of communication on a man's part has more to do with their different wiring, not because of a lack of affection. Men likely to express themselves better through actions more than words. Working to earn money in order to take care of their families is men's easiest expression of love. By the same token men need to understand that women express themselves through verbal communication. Their feelings need to be acknowledged as opposed to explained away.

Seems to me that a deeper and more compassionate understanding of how men and women express themselves can result in a greater understanding between the sexes.

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