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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Make a Cheesecake Beautiful with the Use of Toppings and Glazes

You can show you artistic side even when you are baking. There are several means to make a cheesecake more attractive that simply putting toppings and cream cheese. You can show your talent in decorating by making the cake beautiful. This can be achieved through creative decoration on the cake. You can use glazes and toppings.

Cake decoration is easy by starting to determine the color or theme to use. Once you have decided what color to use, you can decide the ingredients to use. Most of the time, you can use fresh fruits of the same kind in order to make the cake appealing to others. For example, the usual color combination that you can use for Valentine's Day is pink and red.

Let's take the Valentine's Day as an example. The appropriate ingredients to use when decorating a cake for Valentine's Day are to choose fruits that will create some of the colors red and pink. You can use raspberries, strawberries and cherries. These are the fruits that will make the cake look beautiful at the same will make the cake romantic. Moreover, you can add cherry syrup when serving the cake in slices. This is to add beauty to your presentation. How would you feel receiving a cake decorated with strawberries that look similar to small heart? It will switch your mood into romantic one.

There are also other color themes that are based on the seasons of the year. When giving or decorating cakes for a particular season of the year, you have to make sure that you identified the appropriate color applicable for the season. Let's take summer and winter season as themes for the cake that you plan to decorate. The summertime is best represented by bright colors. Hence, you can use fruits that have bright colors such as pineapples, mangoes, limes, lemons and oranges. If you see other fruits that have bright and sunny colors, then use them to decorate the cake.

You can also use wintertime as a theme for the cheesecake that you are going to decorate. You can use white frosting for the cake. Sprinkling over powdered sugar to the white frosting gives it a crystal-like effect especially when exposed to lights. You can also put large white marshmallows, which will serve as snowballs.

You would need color and fruits to make a good presentation for a cheesecake. Moreover, learning the art of glazing will add beauty to it. You can apply your skills and techniques in cake decoration in any occasion or holiday.

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