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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mowed The Front Yard

I mowed the front yard tonight that is why I am so exhausted. I can't believe how exhausting mowing can be, when I looked at my husband mowing the grass, it looked like it was so easy. While I was mowing, I didn't really feel the pain but when I finished doing it, I started feeling so hot and I felt my whole body shaking or something. My legs, back, hands and arms are really hurting.

I am very exhausted and in pain from mowing the yard but I am very proud of myself and I know my husband is too! :) Well, experiencing it makes me love my husband more, I am so happy and thankful that he is here to do it, I can't do it and I will not pay somebody to do it unless it is needed :) So, thank you pangga! :)

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