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Monday, August 30, 2010

Broken Toe Nail

My husband broke his toe nail yesterday when he opened the door. I really pity him because I know how painful it is to get your toe nail broken, I've experienced it before. I've been telling him to go to the doctor so he can get an excuse slip so he don't have to wear those boots the whole day and run for PT every morning until it gets healed but he said no he is okay. I know he ain't okay I can see his toe nail almost coming off from his toe and like I said I know how painful it is because it happened to me before, I could barely walk.

Well, my husband is very hard-headed but I still love him. If he say he don't wanna go to the doctor, then it's okay, I just give him advil to help him with the pain. I hope he feels better soon because I hate seeing him in pain.

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