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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Two nights ago, Ate Loren and I were texting each other. She said she was getting ready to sleep and I have just woken up. I told her that I was hungry and I was craving for pinakbet and fried pork. She said it sounds good,she said we will share the expenses and we will cook it, I said it's cool. The next day we cooked pinakbet,geesh it was really good! I am sure you can tell from its looks on the pictures. :-)


miss igorota said...

looks delish! it has everything a pinakbet dish should have! :)

ivy said...

Oh I just had it a week ago and it was really great..but I end up eating it husband doesn't like the taste of the better melon lols.

Anyway thank you for visiting to my towts4u blog and for the awesome comment.

by the way I love the font text you are using for ur post..would you mind if I ask you what type it is? happy weekend!