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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trashy Halloween Attire

Halloween is not here yet but there are so many web sites that are already selling Halloween costumes like is so annoying because why are they already starting selling Halloween costumes when Halloween is not happening any time soon yet?I really do not like seeing Halloween costumes or attires or even hearing about it because it reminds me of how we celebrate it in back home and I can't be there!

Here in the States when it is Halloween day,everybody are celebrating.People wear different costumes or attires like pirate costumes,sexy costumes and even the kids or toddlers their parents are dressing them up like bunny,bride fairytale,bumble bee,batman,baby bug and so many more.In the Philippines,we really do not spend our money buying Halloween costumes or attires.But here parents are really excited to dress their kids up and people are so excited on what costumes to wear on Halloween day. has so many funny and weird Halloween costumes for sale.Some of their Halloween costumes are really out of this world and I do not know what came to their mind why they are selling those kind of Halloween costumes.Bow Lace Bodystocking Black and Bodystocking Spiderweb really disgusted me,how can you wear those kind of costumes or attires on Halloween?It's like people will see your soul with those type of costumes.Those kinds of costumes are really vulgar,only trashy and gutsy people will wear those kinds of Halloween costumes in a Halloween party or offers different kind and types of Halloween costumes that will fit your personality.Although I am not a big fan of these kinds of costumes I think I will still get something for my son to wear on Halloween.And since we are in Texas,I am thinking of getting him a Cowboy Chaps Vest,I am sure it would look good on him and I am sure my husband would love it too!Check out Costumes Cauldron now for weird,disgusting and trashy Halloween costumes!

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