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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Elegant Nuptials Invitations

June is already here and we all know that many weddings occur around this time.Like they they always said,June is a bride's month.

I remember when one of my best friends wedding.She is a muslim,and I really admired her wedding and the happenings before her wedding day came.A day before her wedding,she and her husband to be were not allowed to see each other.Her family and friends gave her a big bash before she got married.It was the first time I witnessed a wedding ceremony and I really liked it.My friend had to wear something that covered her so nobody can see her especially her husband to be during the wedding ceremony.They are only allowed to see each other after the wedding ceremony.I thought it was weird but then I realized that was one of their traditions.The wedding place were really colorful and nice.The dresses of the whole entourage especially the bride's dress was very colorful,they were especially made for that wedding,it looked like it was just a cloth wrapped around their body.

And speaking of weddings,One of my cousins in the Philippines is going to get married soon.She's now too busy preparing for her wedding and also very excited.She told me that she is very meticulous when it comes to details about her wedding especially the wedding invitations.I told her I'd help her look for wedding invitations that will suit her and her boyfriend's lifestyle.So,I was looking online and found 1st Class Wedding Invitations.They got trendy and very colorful wedding invitations.They have the ZOOM feature which let people see the quality of their invitations in good detail that no other wedding invitation site can offer.I was looking at their wedding invitations and I am for sure would recommend my cousin the Layers of Love Bow Wedding Invitation.I think it is really nice,it look simple but very elegant.Here is a picture of it,tell me what you think of it!

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