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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bad way of using Perfumes

Has any of you received an e-mail that warns about this group that sells perfumes on the parking lots or something?it said that somebody will approach you and ask you if you want to buy a perfume or they will ask you if you want to smell it or something?then after that you will just pass out and when you wake up you'll realize you have been robbed?Well,I did,I think I received an e-mail like that twice but I did not mind it because I thought it was not true...But I guess it is really true because it happened to me today...My husband,son and I went to this office where you can do your income tax return...I was looking for a parking space that's near the office when we got there...there was a parking space in between these two cars infront of the office...while parking there,I saw this girl doing some sign language,I know she was telling me something,I was asking my husband what she's talking about,I told him maybe she did not want me to park in between in her car and her friend's,I do not know,but my husband said it's okay let's just park here,so I turned off the engine and parked,I can still see the girl doing something like she's telling me something and then I saw her get out from her car and then knocked on my window,I opened my window and then she asked me and my husband what our favorite perfumes are etc. I immediately remembered the e-mail that was sent to me,I said NO!and then she asked us if we wanna smell the perfumes and I said No,Thanks!and closed my window...My husband asked me what's up,I told him what I read...When we get out from the car,I could smell the strong scent,I don't know if it's a perfume or the cigar,but it was so strong that gave me a headache,I got so scared...When we were inside the office,I asked my husband if he smell the strong scent too and he said yes...The 2 groups stayed outside for 30 minutes...I was so glad when I saw them leaving...I don't know what those groups were up to,if they are one of those groups who do that kind of robbery or were just really selling perfumes...but no matter what I am so thankful for reading that e-mail...I just want to warn you guys about that...I mean if some people try doing that just say No and think of you and your family's safety...You can buy perfumes and stuff in the mall or anywhere safe,right?It is so hard to trust people now a days...Let's all be safe and be aware of what is happening around us...God Bless Us Always!

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